December 2018 New Releases

Two of our authors launched three new novels in November and December. Enjoy the new books!

The Golden Scepter: The Dragon Artifacts Book 2
Mike Shelton
Kindle $3.99
*Ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited*
Paperback $11.99

A golden dragon.
A wizard obsessed with power.
An evil queen bent on conquering all.
And a Dragon King who has lost his dragons.

The Western continent is in turmoil. The Dragon King, Bakari, and his riders have lost their dragons to an evil queen bent on conquering the land. High Wizard Roland Tyre has other ideas about how to save the people.  Driven by the pounding call of his scepter to unify the land, he sets out to bring one nation after another to his banner.

Will the power of the scepter drive Roland to madness or glory?  Will The Dragon King get the power of the dragons back?  Or will darkness cover the land under the reign of an evil queen?

In the second book of The Dragon Artifacts, magic and chaos rule the land.  For lovers of wizards, magic, mighty kingdoms, elves, and dragons, don’t miss this series.

Home for the Holiday
Jo Noelle
Kindle $2.99
*Ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited*

1892. He’s bringing electric lights to Creede, Colorado, and she’s a new nurse in town. Will they have a chance at true love this holiday season?

When Donella Turley meets Boone Morgan, she hopes her future is headed in a new direction. She works for the mayor of Creede, but it’s not really the kind of job she wants. When given the opportunity to use her dormant nursing skills, she is faced with decisions of life and death that erode her confidence and will.

Boone has been out of town for nearly a year. When he returns to open the Morgan Electric Company, Donella Turley falls right into his arms—literally. He’s captivated by her bright eyes and honest smile. For the first time in his life, he thinks it might be the right time to settle down. However, his new company is targeted with destruction and violence.

Can Donella and Boone create their happily ever after in this wild town?

The Golden Empire: The Dragon Artifacts Book 3
Mike Shelton
Kindle $3.99
*Ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited*
Paperback $12.99

How much power does one wizard need?
Some may say he is overstepping his bounds.
But who else can stop the war from coming?

With the Dragon King on the brink of death and Alli and the other dragon riders falling by the way, Roland Trye tries to unify the kingdoms against the threat coming from the east. Both arrogant and charming, Roland’s thirst for power has no limit. But will it be enough?

The power to win the war may fall on Gabby, a young wizard with a mission to find the mythical Phoenix.  With its power she hopes to save the Dragon King and put up a united front against the aggressors.

But in the end the magic needed to win may require the ultimate sacrifice.  Who will take up the cause and give up all they have to save the people?

Will the Dragon King survive?  Will Alli and the other riders rejoin their dragons, and will Roland Tyre become what he has always wanted to be—the most powerful wizard alive?

Don't miss this stunning conclusing to the Dragon Artifacts; a magical tale of dragons, wizards, good vs. evil, greed, and friendship. 

Thank you for checking out our New Releases. See you later!