November 2018 New Releases

Our authors released four new books in November, all of them novels. Enjoy the new books!

Love and Other Crazy Plans
Jo Noelle
Kindle $2.99
*Ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited*

He’s starting over after a tragedy. She’s trying to overcome her past in a small town with a long memory. Could they be just what the other needs?

Adelle Reagen grew up in Hawk’s Point, Maine. She loves the beauty and history of the small coastal town, but can’t seem to outgrow the reputation left over from her parents. As an event planner, she works with everyone in town to create happiness and fond memories for her clients. After meeting Kade, she starts to wonder if she found a love to last a lifetime.

Kade Nance’s heart broke a year ago in an accident that claimed his fiancĂ©’s life despite his effort. After selling his construction company, he moves across the country to start over. He never thought it possible to love again, but Adelle’s beauty captured his attention and her kindness is healing his heart.

Will her secret destroy their chance at a happily ever after?

Christmas Future
Valerie Ipson
Kindle $3.99
Paperback $13.99

The future always looks brighter at Christmas.

While Scarlett Ambrose works her PR magic landing Alaska on the nice Christmas spirit list, her wedding plans and a longing for Arizona’s heat have to wait. But when the wait’s too long will a warm-hearted doctor in town for his own reasons be just the prescription for lifting her cold, Scrooge-like spirit?

Seeing Miss Heartstone
Nichole Van
Kindle $3.99
Paperback $11.99
*Ebook is Free on Kindle Unlimited*

Miss Belle Heartstone—heiress and savvy businesswoman—needs a husband. Immediately. As in, yesterday would not have been soon enough. Her mother’s attempts at matchmaking have been disastrous. So Belle decides to solve the problem her way—survey the market and purchase the best groom available.

Colin Radcliffe, Marquess of Blake—debt-ridden and penniless—needs a large infusion of cash. Desperately. Preferably cash that does not come with a wife attached. It is no surprise, then, when he receives Miss Heartstone’s brazen proposal—her cash, his title, their marriage—that he politely declines.

But before he leaves her, Blake suggests something truly radical: Maybe before finding a husband, Belle should find herself. His simple words send them both on an unexpected journey, spanning continents and years, entwining their lives in ways neither could have foreseen. Can two lonely souls move past societal expectations and forge a unique life together?

The Starling's Gift
LeAnn Mathis
Kindle $2.99
Paperback $7.00
*Ebook is Free on Kindle Unlimited*

Elexa is a young woman who wants to avoid starvation. Joining the army seems like an obvious solution, but they are fighting gnomes and something so evil that it can only be stopped by a gift from the starlings.

When Elexa's father was injured, she took over his role, a reversal that never sat well with him. When the game becomes scarce, and the army comes recruiting, she sees an honorable way to escape his demeaning comments. Disguised as a man, she joins the elite Arrow squad and quickly rises in its ranks. But she fights an enemy that is more deadly than anything the humans have fought before. One that rose from the deepest, darkest shadows of the mountain. Navestrungs. To defeat it, she must master a gift from the starlings − a weapon unlike any that has been wielded before.

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