May New Releases

Here are the new books released by the Authors at Indie Author Hub--and a few other authors we're friends with--in May.

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Buxton Peak: London Bridges
Julie L. Spencer
Kindle $0.99
FREE on KindleUnlimited
Paperback $9.95

When stars fall, there’s only one way back up.

Buxton Peak’s bassist, Andy Smith isn’t sure he can be the man Vanessa needs. When a chance meeting finds them at a cafe in London, Andy is only four months out of rehab and Vanessa is days away from returning to Nashville. A whirlwind romance ends in tragedy and loss. Can they find a way to patch up a relationship that spans across the Atlantic?

Andy’s best mate, Gary Owens finds sobriety more difficult than he’d hoped. Temptations from a flirtatious American tourist don’t help. But Buxton Peak needs their drummer back, and Gary is the only person who can pull himself back to center stage.

Can the guys reunite with their rock band? Or will their out-of-control behavior be too much for Buxton Peak to accept?

Buxton Peak fans will love this little bridge between Book Two and Book Three of the series. Let’s rock!


Fire Setters: a Shane Investigations Book #1
Debra Erfert
Kindle $2.99
FREE on KindleUnlimited
Paperback $9.99

Good little boys aren’t supposed to play with fire.

While on stakeout to catch the cretin who’s stalking a client, Private Investigator Candice Shane finds a house on fire--at midnight. A little girl’s tricycle in the yard prompts her hasty decision to break in, saving a sleeping woman and her three children.

The husband is out of town. Candice is hired by the grateful woman to clear her husband from police suspicion and to find out who wants them dead.

Fingerprints on the circuit breaker box connects the arson to two neighborhood boys, yet the troubled 12-year-old son mumbles the name Zane as he runs out of his smoke-filled bedroom.

Clearing the husband is easy. Finding Zane, the kid who is seemingly behind the ring of juvenile fire-setters, takes old-fashion, shoe-leather-thinning detective work, and luck.

Staying alive while doing it takes a lot more. Having her ex-boyfriend who’s a cop helps, but even Alex can’t stop the bullets from coming through Candice’s kitchen window. He can’t stop her apartment from burning. And he can’t stop her heart from falling in love with him all over again.


The Silk Strangler: a Shane Investigations Book #2
Debra Erfert
Kindle $2.99
Paperback $9.99

Silk scarves are meant to be worn around the neck. Just not tight enough to kill. Women are being murdered. Matching Paisley patterned silk scarves, missing wedding rings, and blood alcohol contents beyond absurdity are enough to link the dead women together. Private investigator Candice Shane joins forces with her totally hot boyfriend, Phoenix police detective Alexander Delaney, when her new client, Lisa Ann Shyer, fears she may be the next victim of the stranger. Her friend’s body was the last woman found—and Lisa Ann might’ve seen the killer. Each clue takes Candice dangerously closer to The Silk Strangler.


Silver Star
Lisa Swinton
Kindle $4.99
Paperback $15.99

Her cowboy might just be another broken-heart ballad waiting to happen…

Country superstar Sara Silver has it all: fame, fortune, and a mantel full of Grammys. She also has a string of chart-topping heartbreak songs to go with them—all based on her miserable love life. Now her manager says Sara doesn’t sing with the heart she used to. If she doesn’t come up with another hit album soon, then her label will move on to the next big thing.

Sara heads to a ranch in Wyoming to get back to her country roots and rediscover herself. To keep the press away, she hides her identity and is determined to let nothing distract her. Then she meets Cal: tall, brooding, and all cowboy. Sara falls for Cal and the quiet ranch life, but with each song she writes her time there draws to a close.

Sara will have to choose between the country stars of Nashville or the glittering stars of a Wyoming sky…unless she can find a way to have both.


Last Chance (In The Garden Book 4)
Heather Tullis
Universal Purchase Link

Four years ago Comfrey turned her back on the high-class life she had been raised in and her equally high-class fiance--knowing he loved the life she had found suffocating. Excited to be moving forward with her new permaculture homestead, and sure she is finally over him, she is shocked to find Nick standing on her doorstep.

Nick had no plans to see Comfrey again after she broke his heart, but his boss, who happens to be her father, has other ideas. Tasked with convincing her to come back to the fold, he finds that loving her is something he may never get out of his blood. Now he just has to convince her that they have a future together.


The Trust of a Billionaire (Southern Billionaires Book 3)
Michelle Pennington
Kindle $0.99
FREE on KindleUnlimited

Can their lives survive her secret?

Hannah Rhodes is determined to keep her beachfront property, even though she can’t afford to. But it’s her childhood home and she can’t bear to see it plowed down by the billionaire investor who keeps raising his offer to buy it. When the same man hires her to be his daughter’s nanny—providing her the income she needs to reject his offer—the irony is not lost on her. However, seeing him as a loving, worried father makes it difficult to enjoy her secret revenge.

For Carter Ellis, building his own resort was a massive risk, but worth it to build a new life for his daughter away from his controlling mother. Everything is going to plan except that the owner of the tumbled-down home blocking his resort view and threatening its success refuses to sell. If only his new nanny would stop distracting him, he just might be able to figure out how to solve this problem. Not only is she beautiful and vibrant, she’s helping his daughter bloom. Just when he begins to give in to his feelings, he discovers who she really is.


Mother of the Chosen
Janeal Falor
$2.99 Kindle | NOOK | Apple | GooglePlay | Kobo

Adriella always wanted children. Now, she finally has her wish. Overcome with joy, she cannot wait to tell her husband about her pregnancy…until she hears a new prophecy proclaiming that a child will soon be born—one who will destroy the High King.

When a royal decree demands the death of all young children, along with any born over the next two years, Adriella’s life comes unraveled. Instead of the excitement of a new baby, she feels nothing but trepidation at telling her soldier husband. She decides to flee before he can turn her in.

With the High King and his men searching for anyone who defies his edict, she knows there isn’t much of a chance she’ll survive. But in a country full of newly grieving parents, on streets red with the blood of innocents, Adriella will do whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of the law. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose the one thing even more precious to her than her own life—her child.


Yours, Dorothy
E.B. Wheeler
Kindle $2.99
FREE at KindleUnlimited
Paperback $14.99

Based on a true love story from the British Civil War.

Dorothy Osborne's family has sacrificed everything for King Charles of England, living in exile in France after the king's defeat by Parliament. Dorothy knows it is her duty to marry well and help her family, which means finding a wealthy suitor: Royalist, or maybe French, but never a Parliamentarian, and not someone of her own choosing.

William Temple struggles to commit to his father's Parliamentarian cause, making his family wonder if he'll ever commit to anything. William wonders too, until he meets Dorothy Osborne. The connection between them is instant, but their families will go to any length to keep them apart. Can their love survive separation and the upheavals of the British Civil War?


Kings Crossed Lovers (Safe Harbors #4)
Donna K. Weaver
Kindle $0.99 (temporary release price)

Ethan Walters has no time for distractions like romance. Not if he's going to have the brilliant medical career he's always dreamed of. But when he's given a trip to a theme park resort as a college graduation present, he can't exactly say no. Even if Samantha—the one girl with the power to dismantle his goals—is tagging along.

Samantha Diederik has managed to avoid her high society mother’s manipulations since the woman moved to Europe. Now she’s back and pressuring Sam to move to New York with her. With that battle on the horizon, Sam proceeds to go on vacation with her brother and his roommate. She’s crushed on Ethan for years. They've only met online, but their hours-long conversations are the highlight of her week. Now she has a chance to find out if the cyber magic she's felt with him will translate to real life.

And wow, does it ever—with sparks flying! Now all she has to do is find a way to fight off her mother's machinations while convincing Ethan she won’t destroy his dreams.


With a Kiss: A Sweet Romance Anthology
Traci Hunter Abramson, Rachel Branton, Rachelle J. Christensen, Joyce DiPastena, Danyelle Ferguson, Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore, Luisa Perkins, Janette Rallison, and Heather Tullis
Kindle $5.99
FREE with KindleUnlimited

A collection of 10 sweet romance novellas by USA Today bestselling & award winning authors.

Romances in this collection:

DANCING TO FREEDOM by Traci Hunter Abramson: A Russian ballerina. An American hockey player. A forbidden romance. Can Katrina follow her heart when freedom is the one thing she lacks? Or will the Cold War cost her the only man she has ever loved?

RYLEE’S MIX-UP by Rachel Branton: Rylee Williams didn’t want to be a bridesmaid at her estranged sister’s wedding, the sister who’d grown up with the family she was supposed to have. So why does she find herself in a dress two sizes too big and no date for the wedding? Maybe it’s time to give up on her family once and for all. But a greased pig contest and handsome cowboy Beck Seeger might just change her mind—both about sticking it out and taking a chance at love.

THE REFUGEE’S BILLIONAIRE by Rachelle J. Christensen: Shawn Halstrom has an assignment: travel to Atlanta, Georgia to investigate The Heart of Atlanta refugee center so that Burke Enterprises can make a donation. The job should take two weeks tops, but he wasn’t planning on falling for a Cuban refugee named Carolina Diaz. She’s a single mother who isn’t interested in dating, even if the guy might be a billionaire.

JUST THIS MOMENT by Joyce DiPastena: Alys’s late husband thought her useful only for spinning thread. Now a mysterious monk has come to take her to a nunnery. Can a sightless woman like Alys exert her independence to forge a future of her own choice? And will the monk, who stirs forbidden longings in her, help or hinder her?

ORIGAMI GIRL by Danyelle Ferguson: Josephine loved teaching crafts at the children's hospital until she was assigned to help Dr. Blake learn how to relate with his patients. As she helps the young doctor soften his sharp edges, relax his rigid folds, and open up to the people around him, she finds she can't help but love the man he's becoming.

SABRINA’S HERO by Donna Hatch: For weeks, Sabrina daydreams about a mysterious gentleman who frequents the lending library. Is he perchance an agent for the crown? A returning war hero? A highwayman? A fateful public assembly introduces her to the mystery man as well as an intriguing newcomer. Now she’s torn between a charming rake promising the adventure she craves, and a handsome barrister who offers security. Only one will stand by her when it matters most.

FALLING FOR LUCY by Heather B. Moore: Lucy Morley’s older sister is perfect, yet Lucy can’t even hold down a job, let alone stick with something like college. After another disastrous firing, she lands her dream job at a bookstore—and it doesn’t hurt that her new boss, Adam Parks, is pretty much her dream man. But if Lucy is good at one thing, it’s guarding herself from heartbreak. Adam has other plans in mind that include finding a way into Lucy’s heart.

MY DEAREST EMMA by Luisa Perkins: Since her husband died at 25, Johanna has worked at a busy hotel in the new railroad town of Danube, Minnesota, soothing her loneliness by writing home to her sister in Germany. When she meets August, a shy widower, her letters reveal a budding friendship. But Johanna soon begins to question whether their romance can survive a demanding employer, August’s jealous daughter, and the misgivings of two recently broken hearts.

COVERTLY YOURS by Janette Rallison: Paisley Spencer never needed a knight in shining armor—until she finds herself surrounded by three gangsters in a bad part of Phoenix. A handsome stranger intervenes, rescuing her from certain disaster. The only catch? Now she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for the next hour. She finds it’s a job she doesn't want to end.

SUSPECT LOVE by Heather Tullis: When Titus takes over as manager of Midwest Blood Services, he immediately notices Regan, and she notices him right back—until she realizes he took the job for which she had been vying.


That's it for this time. Happy Reading!

April New Releases - and More

The Authors at Indie Author Hub released the following new books in April. Check out the section at the end for previously released books you might not have heard about.

All but two of the ebooks featured in this issue are available FREE in the Amazon subscription plan, KindleUnlimited, as indicated below.

TruthSpell (The TruthSeer Archives Book 2)
Mike Shelton
$2.99 Kindle

FREE on KindleUnlimited

What if you knew a spell to force others to do your bidding? Would you use it?

Thrust into the role of saving the stones of power, Shaeleen is still learning how to manage the magical abilities she has been given. As the holder of a TruthStone, every lie she hears or tells causes her immense physical pain.

Sent to find Princess Diamonique to prevent a civil war, Shaeleen travels with her brother, Wizard Protector Cole, and her friend, Orin. But her journey veers off course when she discovers an evil shadow power threatening the magic of Wayland.

As Shaeleen gathers the other stones of power, she discovers a TruthSpell that can force others to tell the truth and force them to follow her will.

Will her newfound powers help her save Wayland's magic? Or will she become a monster worse than the one she is fighting against?

Read Book 2 of the TruthSeer Archives to continue a great YA fantasy adventure with powerful magic, evil wizards, and lots of exciting action.

The Trap (Tweaks Book 5)
Terry Deighton
eBook $2.99  Paperback  $6.95 Amazon
eBook FREE on KindleUnlimited

The only time Karen Goetz feels like herself is when she projects her self out of her body.

Floating around the neighborhood at night lets her forget about Dr. Grey trying to capture her friends, having to miss most of the middle school activities, and losing her parents. Floating free brings a peace she can’t find in her physical form until she sees her neighbors’ television being carried out of their house by two men dressed in black. Without her body, she can’t do anything to stop them.

When robberies crop up all over town, the Tweaks put their genetically enhanced abilities to work to catch the crooks. Then Karen notices it’s getting harder to project, and she can’t stay “out” as long. Is she losing her ability? Are the others? Can they avoid Dr. Grey and save the town from the robbers before they have to face what is happening to them?

Suffrage and Suitors (Cowboys & Angels Book 16)
Jo Noelle
$2.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited

At thirty, Millie has never had a suitor, but now she has two. She’s been satisfied with keeping house for her brother, Reverend Bing, and pursuing worthy causes. Soon, the new state of Colorado will be voting on women’s suffrage. Although it’s opposed by powerful, dangerous men, Millie is determined to rally support for it in Creede.

Because his heart was wounded by a tragedy six years ago, Edwin McRae spends all his time building his business cooking meals for the growing population of mining workers—without any interest in having a wife or family. Although he’s had deep feelings for Millie, he’s pushed them aside. When Sterling McCormick begins courting her, Edwin wonders if he can put old hurts in the past and open himself to a new love or risk losing her to another man.

A Different Kind of Hero: A Clean EPIC and URBAN FANTASY Collection
Stones of Power, by Mike Shelton
$3.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited

Perfection is overrated.

From sweeping kingdoms to modern cities, a different kind of hero emerges. This hero must contend with dastardly villains, nefarious plots, and a harsher reality: disability.

-A musician with magical music … who has lost her sense of hearing
-A merman born without gills, who can’t walk on land or breathe underwater
-A 63-year-old shifter with chronic memory lapses
-A Valkyrie warrior with severely limited sight
-Two knights missing more than their limbs

These heroes and more await you in this exciting collection of eleven clean EPIC and URBAN fantasy stories featuring heroes with disabilities. Laugh, cheer, and cry along with our daring heroes as they defeat the villain and save the day.

This is a limited edition box set. Get it today.

A Madness Most Discreet (Brothers Maledetti Book 4)
Nichole Van
$3.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited


Darkness lives within each of us. Shadows. We are each capable of great goodness and unbelievable evil. It is the duality of being human. I want to live in the light. I don’t enjoy the shadows. But I’m not sure I’ve been given a choice in the matter. The shadows own me. They dance at my edges and tangle in my light. They torment my days and make my nights an anguished hell. I simply want to be free. One way . . . or another.

They call him the Prophet. Tennyson D’Angelo, the man who can foretell the future. A modern-day oracle. And Olivia Hawking desperately needs his help. She tracks him down in Italy, begging for his assistance. She has a life-or-death problem that only a bonafide psychic can solve. But Tennyson is slowly fracturing from within, the weight of the D’Angelo curse destroying him.

Olivia and Tennyson join forces, each searching for answers. But their understanding of the D’Angelo curse keeps changing, and Time is not on their side. Even as they fall in love, Tennyson and Olivia realize they are in a race against the clock. Will they find answers in time to save themselves?

The Pariah - Part Three: A Podcast Novel
Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll
$1.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited

A Boy with a Destiny beyond his Imagination.

Keo Noshahne learns at five years of age that he is different—he will be a creature handler, a prestigious position in the kingdom of the Midlands. He grows into his destiny with confidence, though others read his self-assurance as arrogance and small town ignorance.

Each step along his journey pits him against others who may help him or push him toward his ultimate destruction.

Though Keo will do his best to stay true to his destiny he will eventually learn that it is quite different than he has grown to expect. To stay true to his destiny he must choose to become The Pariah

The Pariah: Part Three is the third installment of five novellas in a young adult epic fantasy trilogy. Each novella is the text version of five audio episodes available for free on iTunes and If you like sweet teenage love stories, magical empathic creatures, magical and political intrigue in a fantasy world, then you'll love The Pariah.

Part Three continues Keo's journey, clarifies Nit's role in the Westerlands, and introduces Crystal Spinebeck as a major competitor to Bree.

Episode 1: A Fresh Start: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Southwest Cougars Year 2: Age 13)
Tamara Hart Heiner
$0.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited

Seventh grade was the year Cassandra lost it all: her crush, her social status, and her best friend.

This year she's taking it back. Starting with summer camp, where she intends to employ her new queen bee skills and become the most popular girl in the woods.

There's just one thorn in her side, and it comes in the shape of her elementary school friend: Riley. Will she shake Riley off for good or find another way to become Queen Bee?

Now here are two books that were released last year you probably didn't hear about:

That Tender Light (An Owen Family Novella)
Marsha Ward
$0.99 Kindle | NOOK | Kobo | Apple iBooks | Smashwords 

How did the Owen Family Saga begin?

With a love story, of course, the most romantic love story of all: when Rod and Julia met.

God must have conspired with the angels to put Roderick Owen of Shenandoah County, Virginia, and Julia Helm, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in the same place on one magical day in Spring, 1840. All nature paused, as though holding its breath, waiting to see what would happen.

In this short novella, acclaimed author Marsha Ward tells the story of the Owen Family origins, describing in her delicate language the tender feelings of two people who need to find each other in a very small window of time.

Lucky in Love (Cowboys & Angels)
Jo Noelle
$2.99 Kindle
FREE on KindleUnlimited

Julianne Parker is twenty-four and ready to take her future into her own hands. Determined to succeed and escape an arranged marriage her parents are thrusting on her, she emigrates from Chicago to the new state of Colorado to establish a school in a mining boomtown. Upon arriving, she finds that her adopted hometown is not what she expected, nor is she safe.

Hugh Fontaine is poised on the cusp of achieving his every dream, provided he can win the massive fortune on the table of a poker game in Creede, Colorado. Until, through divine intervention, he’s set on a path that makes him question who he is and what he really wants. He knows for sure that he wants Julianne Parker in his life, but he’s the last thing in the world she needs.

But—what would he give to be wrong?

That's it for this time. Happy Reading!

March New Releases

Here are book released by Indie Author Hub authors in March (and in some cases, in previous months). Enjoy!

Death's Assassin (Death's Queen #4)
Janeal Falor
$4.99 Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google Play | Kobo 

Struggling to live in a body that has betrayed her, Ryn refuses to give up, even if that means working alongside her sworn enemy to take down an even bigger threat. Daros was once the most hated man in Ryn’s life, but now he just may be her salvation… if she can convince him that her side is the right one.

While the First Queen invades Ryn’s thoughts and leaves havoc in her wake, there’s little room for mistakes in the fight for Ryn’s life and country. But as the crown’s enemy grows ever closer to success and targets the people Ryn loves the most, the young queen must dig deep inside herself for the strength and courage needed to win this war. Because if Ryn loses, her beloved country will be destroyed at the hands of a madwoman.

Dragons' Trust Book 4: Tempered
Krista Wayment
$2.99 (ebook) 7.99 (paperback)  Amazon

Renick, Thane, and Lainey must face down the original enemy of the Dragon Kind. The centuries-old man who slaughtered dragons and stole their heart stones to feed his own greed for power.

Individually they lack the strength to vanquish the greatest foe they have ever faced. Together and with the added strength of old and new allies, they might just succeed. But when Renick and his friends think they have the Autarch trapped, he proves more powerful than they ever imagined. If they do not find a way to defeat him, their fate, and the fate of those that stand with them will be sealed forever.

Lovers and Madmen
Nichole Van
$0.99  Kindle

Florence, Italy. Summer, 1982.

Judith Campbell prides herself on her level head. She’s a scientist with a ten-year plan, a well-managed bank account, and clear understanding of what she wants out of life. Currently, that means a summer of fun touring Europe with her friends. She intends to see some amazing scenery, flirt with a cute guy or two, and return home ready to settle down for good.
Falling madly in love with an Italian playboy is definitely not on her life goals to-do list. But then her eyes meet those of Cesare D’Angelo across a crowded piazza.

Cesare is everything Judith never knew she wanted. Handsome and charismatic, he challenges her assumptions and forces her to rethink her logical approach to everything. Case in point—Judith finds herself falling for him, hard and fast. Definitely not her most carefully thought-out decision.

But Cesare keeps devastating secrets that will challenge Judith’s very understanding of reality. And soon Judith finds herself facing the most difficult decision of all—

Would you still chose to love someone even if your time together would be brief? Would you accept a relationship, knowing that only heartbreak and grief awaited you in the end?

My Vampire
Lisa Rector
$2.99  Kindle

Vampires, creatures of darkness.
Their favorite treats... storm sprites.

The blood of a storm sprite makes an intoxicating elixir for most supernatural beings, including vampires. After Killian, a reclusive vampire, comes across Sasha, a rare storm sprite, and saves her life, they develop an unlikely friendship. Because of his constant cravings for her blood, Killian keeps his distance while protecting Sasha from the supernaturals hungering for her. But as his behaviors change and he draws closer, Sasha's no longer sure of his motivations. One day his cravings will become too much. 

When a woman's brutal murder spirals a hunt for an amulet that has demonic powers, Sasha and Killian are stuck between the feuding demons and vampires who are determined to possess the amulet's secrets. Sasha must find the amulet for her protection--before she ends up on the wrong end of a demon's blade, or worse, has her throat ripped out by the vampire she calls hers.

The Practically Romantic Groom
Maria Hoagland
$2.99  Kindle

When words don’t come easily…

Cobble Creek’s divorce attorney, Isaac Murphy, is not interested in romance. Quite the opposite, in fact. As a supportive brother for his sister raising a daughter with selective mutism, Isaac has seen enough disappointed hearts and broken marriages to know love takes more than a bouquet of roses or flowery phrases. No, Isaac is all about being pragmatic when it comes to relationships.

As the small-town florist, Brooke Holt is passionate about romance in everything from picnics to horseback riding. A closet musician, she pours her romantic dreams into writing country love songs—which she might even share someday, if she weren’t stricken with a severe case of stage fright.

When Brooke’s brother shows interest in Isaac’s sister, what starts as a friendly wager between Brooke and Isaac to prove whose way is right brings out their competitive streaks and rekindles their old high school friendship. As feelings start to turn into something more, though, expressing those feelings seems like an awfully risky gamble.

The Combustible Engagement
Maria Hoagland
$2.99  Kindle

A Fake Engagement They Fight to Contain

To say Tess Graham has a complicated relationship with her hometown is putting it mildly. With family ties and a successful real estate business she’s built from the ground up, Tess doesn’t want to leave. Not really. She would, however, like someone to see her for who she really is rather than the overshadowed twin in one of the town’s most prominent families. If only she could make a name for herself and find her place in Cobble Creek.

When handsome wildland firefighter, Monroe Scott, comes into town and wants to buy Tess’s grandfather’s barn for his reclaimed wood business, Tess feels the tug of nostalgia she didn’t expect. How can she allow Monroe to dismantle her childhood memories board by board? But as the listing agent, how can she prevent it?

To get what they each want, Tess and Monroe enter into a very temporary, very pretend engagement. As sparks fly and tempers flare, this fake engagement ignites into something both parties fight to contain.

Beyond the Sonnet
Stephanie Neilan
$2.99 (e-book), (print) Universal Purchase Link

When writing poetry, there are over 120 different options to consider. This reference guide can help you find a new favorite!


Book of Mormon Cats
Stephanie Neilan and Elizabeth Neilan
$2.99 (e-book) $10.45 (print)  Amazon

Book Description:Who delivered the liahona? How did the Lamanites get drunk? What inspired the brother of Jared? Cats! See how else we served the prophets in the Book of Mormon.

Bible Cats
Stephanie Neilan and Elizabeth Neilan
$2.99 (e-book) $10.45 (print)  Amazon

Who defended the ark? Who freed Jonah? Who filled the fishermen’s nets? Cats! See how else they served the Lord in the Old and New Testaments.

Lies & Secrets: Three Historical Short Stories
Marsha Ward
$0.99  Kindle (Free in KindleUnlimited)

This collection contains three previously-published short stories that expand the Owen Family Universe.

Scandalous: An Owen Family Story

In the 1866 Owen Family universe, Scandalous shines a light on teen hormones run amok during a trying time in the family’s story, as it ties up a loose thread from the novel Spinster’s Folly.

Broken: A Shenandoah Neighbors Story

Broken reveals a dark corner of the Owen Family universe in 1875.

Bloodied Leather: A Shenandoah Neighbors Story

 Bloodied Leather extends the Owen Family universe into 1886.

Until next time!