May New Releases

The Chancellor from Connier

by Anna del C. Dye
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The princess of Kaloma is distraught, if the chancellor doesn't return to Connier it will mean war, and that is a price she is unwilling to pay. Two weeks before Sestina planned to marry Ottin, he changed his mind. He begged her to wait for him, just a few years, until he could make a name for himself in the court of Connier. She sent him away and never looked back becoming the lady in waiting to the princess of Kaloma. Then one day he reappears as the chancellor of Connier and promises to stay forever, even though she refuses him. Now war darken the horizon of both kingdoms.

Our Sweet Guillotineby Mary Gray 

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Madness is living inside of me.
And the only way to vanquish it is by finding those responsible for Maman’s death and dropping them to their knees. The executioner? Guilty. But he’s nothing more than a piss ant who should eat horse feces all the rest of his days. No one actually believes Maman was capable of killing. So I will find whoever sent her to the gallows and rearrange their limbs the way the gravediggers do when they drop dead men’s bones into the catacombs.
You think I’m bluffing.

Her Dark Fantasy: A Prequel to Our Sweet Guillotine
by Mary Gray 

The young executioner, he must die.
He plans to torture and hang Maman, but he cannot separate a young mademoiselle from her mother, can he?
His gentle hands place the spike into the studded boot that houses her foot, and I flinch. 
“Je suis désolé,” he says sorrowfully.
Day-old blood splatters the window. My mind’s a colony of bees. 
He lifts the hammer, and the light of the moon glints off the blunt instrument’s face.
I press my fingertips to the glass to reach Maman, but she is in there and I am out here, and it would break Maman’s and Papa’s hearts if I exposed myself this way. 
I’ll take that fine face of his into my hands—and snap his neck.
That is what he rightfully gets, for taking my maman from me.

Tomorrow’s Lullaby
by Lindzee Armstrong
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Falling in love just got complicated. When Sienna McBride placed her baby for adoption, she never dreamed that two years later she’d find herself falling for someone who resents his birth mother for not keeping him. Will Sienna choose to live a lie, or trust Aaron with the truth?

When Darkness Builds (Book One of The Caldera Series)by M. C. Sutton
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They called him a hero. All Jon ever wanted was to make it home.
They called her crazy. All Emma ever wanted was to warn them.
After the war, everything changed.
In a world still trapped in the aftermath of a devastating world war, Emergency Manager and Crisis Psychologist Dr. Emma Grant has been asked to speak at the first Constitutional Convention since the United States was founded. With the states coming together in a dangerous last-ditch effort to end a crippling energy crisis, and the Constitution hanging by a thread, Dr. Grant and her husband Jon must fight to keep the American government from falling apart. But when the convention takes a deadly turn, will they lose what may be their last chance to stop a man determined to sabotage everything—Just to see them fail?

When Darkness Builds is the first installment in The Caldera Series. It's the story of Jon and Emma Grant, and the power they've been given together. To save the children of men.

Before It's Love
by Michelle Pennington
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"Just Friends" was harder than they thought.

Moving to Arkansas is hard for Lauren, but it’s worth it to be near her boyfriend and pursue her art degree. That is, until she meets Jake, the guy her roommate is in love with. Now she’s stuck on a merry-go-round of love triangles, and someone is going to get hurt.

Jake is focused on juggling his two careers and taking care of his feisty grandma. The last thing he needs is a serious relationship, so when Lauren moves in, it's okay that she's dating someone else. Until being her friend is no longer enough.