New Releases - October & November

The Yowlers
by Stacy Lynn Carroll
$1.99 Kindle / $10 paperback on Amazon

The Yowler family has a problem with yelling. They just can't seem to stop. As each family member decides to calm down and learn kindness, their attitude isn't the only thing that ends up changing!


Shattered Hearts

by Stacy Lynn Carroll
$3.99 Amazon

Sarah Dunkin’s world shatters when she walks in on her husband’s secret addiction. Thrown into the world of pornography, therapy, and support groups, Sarah must find a way to forgive before she drowns in betrayal and despair. The task before her seems impossible as she struggles to care for their five children on her own. Growing up without religion in her life, Sarah is forced to make difficult choices and finds herself being drawn to a higher power she never understood. But with the help of a mysterious friend, Sarah just might be able to piece back together the life, and the love, she and her husband once shared.

An Unexpected Proposal (as part of the Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection)
$.99 on KindleiTunesKoboBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords

While working at a wood camp in the Logan canyon during the winter of 1880, Caroline Simpson is forced to thwart the aggressive advances of Mr. Butch Larson, and in the process discovers that her long-time friend James has genuine affection for her. But as stubborn as Caroline is, she minimizes the emotions James has awakened in her, and it takes almost losing him to admit her true feelings. 

**Amazon #1 Bestselling *New Release* in Clean Romance 

**Amazon Top 10 in Regency Romance 

**Amazon Top 5 in Victorian Romance 

“Top Pick!” “This anthology is what holiday romance is all about. I can't remember the last book I found so delightful and enjoyable.” –NIGHT OWL REVIEWS 

“These six romantic shorts are deliciously crafted… Each short takes the reader on a mini Christmas vacation to the past, its mystical beauty and imaginative romance.” –IND’TALE MAGAZINE, Erin Murdock 

“I readily recommend this smorgasbord of treats that are suitable for all ages.” –ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY 

“There is just something magical about cuddling up with a good love story on a winter afternoon… they are charming glimpses into romantic moments of days long past.” –DESERET NEWS, Melissa Demoux

An Unexpected Proposal was introduced in WINTER COLLECTION, the first volume of the bestselling and RONE Award-winning Timeless Romance Anthology series, and is now available as a standalone short.

Christmas Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology
by Heather Tullis, Rachelle Christensen, Lucy McConnell, Cami Checketts, Connie Sokol
$4.99 on Amazon

The Candy Counter Heiress by Lucy McConnell Amazon bestseller
Someday Reese Gates will own The Candy Counter at Kenworth's; but someday can't come fast enough when the manager threatens to bring in a national candy provider. Reese secretly takes matters into her own hands hoping to save her parents from additional worry and prove herself capable of running the company. Her deception deepens as she ropes computer guru Andy Edwards into helping her expand the business. Reese wanted to shake things up, but she wasn't planning on her heart getting caught in the mix by Andy's stolen kisses. If she can hold it together until after Christmas, then she can reveal her successful online company and her feelings for Andy. Unfortunately for Reese, even the best laid plans can melt like chocolate.

Christmas Makeover by Cami Checketts Amazon bestseller
Chelsea Jamison has been infatuated with Drew Stirling longer than she's loved playing basketball, high-top sneakers, and the Knicks. Unfortunately, all Drew sees is the kid who kicked his trash in the high school free throw contest and not the girl whose heart breaks into a fast dribble when he's near.
Drew makes an unexpected visit home to Echo Ridge and their friendship picks up where they left off as they scheme to make a teenaged boy's Christmas dreams come true. When Chelsea realizes she's fallen for her best friend, she wonders if there is any hope of a relationship with Drew or if she's stuck in buddy-status for life.

Hope for Christmas by Rachelle J. Christensen Amazon bestseller
Anika Fletcher hates Christmas--its promises of good tidings and hope for the future are as tinseled as the ornaments on Kenworth's Hope Tree. Despite her feelings, Anika wants to maintain her daughter's faith in the magic of the season and gladly accepts a second job working with the handsome Carlos Rodriguez to restore Kenworth's old fashioned soda fountain. Carlos is no stranger to hard times and slowly shares his life of light and joy with Anika as they work together. Just as her fragile soul begins to feel hope again, an ill-timed act of charity changes everything. Anika isn't sure who she can trust or if hope is worth nurturing--especially at Christmas when it's easy to enjoy a kiss and believe love can last longer than the season.

Soda Fountain Christmas by Connie E. Sokol Amazon bestseller
Keira Kenworth has one focus this holiday season: save her father's old-time department store from bankruptcy. She is not focused on Tayton Wells, the tall, dark, and genius marketing guru from downtown New York, hired to make it happen. He is as doubtful that her nostalgic connect-the-town ideas will succeed as she is about his numbers-first plan. However, it's not just their different approaches that cause sparks to fly. Working together on a fast deadline to save the store before Christmas, the unspoken connection between them grows. But will the tough decisions they face drive them back to their separate worlds, or will they lead to the beginning of love?

One Winter Night by Heather Tullis Amazon bestselling author
Jonah Owens thought moving to Echo Ridge to open his art gallery would solve all of his problems. The need to sell his grandma's house adds an unexpected complication. It would be easier if his neighbor didn't have all those farm animals.

by Vicki Hunt Budge
$3.99 on Amazon 

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
While loving someone deeply gives you courage. 
--Lao Tzu 

Kayla Morrison, an LDS young single adult, grew up in an unloving, verbally abusive home. It’s no wonder she’s skeptical when charming, successful Chris Christensen brings up love on their first date. Making things worse, her former fiancé shows up later and claims Chris doesn’t love her. 

Meanwhile Kayla’s father drops the bomb that he’s not her real father. And then he dies, setting Kayla on an arduous quest to discover who she really is, and if she’s worthy of anyone’s love. 

Along the way she establishes new friendships and treasures current friends. But will the drama of her friends and family strengthen her, or will it cause her to withdraw back to her destructive beginnings? 

Renewal is the continuing story of love and friendship in the Hope and Healing Series. It is a story of redemption and faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

by Andrea Pearson
$3.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo

In this, the final installment of the Katon University series, dangers
intensify as Nicole and her friends prepare for the arrival of horrifying
creatures from another dimension—beasts that seek to bring the demise of
earth and all its inhabitants.

To protect themselves, Nicole and Austin wear devices that prevent these
monsters from detecting them. But in a weak moment, Austin's is destroyed.
Nicole seeks restitution by traveling to Romania to obtain an important
metal needed to repair his device. While there, she finds that the Tarians have planned something bigger than killing all Aretes, something far more dangerous, with much greater consequences.

Will she have time to stop the corrupt Tarians before the evil beings arrive, or will she and those she loves be destroyed by their otherworldy visitors?

Pixel Trapped: Halloween Fog
by Ash Schmitt
$.99 on Amazon

Did you know that Earth kids dress-up for Halloween to remember Minecraft mobs?
One night Black-Heart the wizard released a horrible spell that turned all the mobs on Minecraft mindless. Before that night, people and mobs had been friends. After that night, everything changed and people mourned the loss of the mob friends. During the confusions, one boy and one zombie escaped from the fog and you'll never guess what they discovered. 

Pixel Trapped: Crystal Quest (5th book in The Ultimate Portal Series.)
by Ash Schmitt
$2.99 on Amazon

The first of four quests to save Earth from Black-Heart has begun!

Reyna, Bert, Emish, and Naomi set out on their quest to retrieve the crystals shards from Black-Heart the Wizard. Along their journey, the heroes face many dangers like an army of mobs, mindless golems, and Black-Heart himself! Will Reyna learn to control her magic so that she can save everyone?

Pixel Trapped: Heart Stone Quest (6th book in The Ultimate Portal Series). 
by Ash Schmitt
$2.99 on Amazon

This is the second of four quests to save Earth from Black-Heart the Wizard.

Sarah, Steve, King Zimmer, and Cort start their quest to find the Strength of Heart Stone in tunnels under the fortress. Unfortunately, Black-Heart has summoned Herobrine to capture Sarah. Can Steve and the others save Sarah from Herobrine? 

Her Irresistible Employer
by Ginny Hartman
$2.99 on Amazon

Broken and bitter, Marcus Graham returns to England a much different man than the one who left nearly two years prior. Then, he had hopes of finding love on his own terms without the involvement of his bothersome friends, the Earl and Countess of Danford. Humbled and in need of help, he finds himself seeking them out, but not for assistance in matters of love, for he has long since given up on that silly notion, but rather on finding a nanny for his daughter. 

Miranda Sutherland is content in her life as a spinster, fully intent on never participating in the Season again, after her first and only one ended in unforgivable heartache. When her niece, the Countess of Danford, comes to her begging a favor, she is appalled to learn that Gillian has offered her services as a nanny to her husband's good friend, Mr. Graham. After her initial resistance, Miranda soon finds herself compelled to accept the preposterous plan, only because her heart goes out to his poor, motherless daughter. 

Though he has sworn to marry strictly to provide his daughter with a mother, Marcus soon finds himself drawn to Sophie's mysterious and beautiful nanny, Lady Miranda. He has reminded himself that she is nothing more than his employee, yet he can't seem to ignore the pain he sees hidden behind her brilliant eyes, a pain that is mirrored in his own, a pain he can't help but want to ease. 

Two damaged souls, thrown together with the best of intentions, must decide if they can put their own painful pasts behind them in order to capture the gift of true love that is being offered, as obstacles surmount and past secrets threaten to destroy the fragile thread of hope that begins to weave its way into their hearts. Will love be enough to conquer all, or will bitterness and heartache prove once more to be victor, crushing their dreams of a happy future? 

In the fourth and final installment of The Unconventional Suitor Series, fo
llow Marcus and Miranda as they battle for a prize they have long ago given up on winning: love.

by Nichole Van
$3.99 on Amazon (on sale Nov 25-Dec 2 for only $.99)

Each life is tethered to others, tendrils wrapping through time itself . . . drawing people to each other . . . 

In 1815, Timothy, Viscount Linwood--handsome, arrogant, privileged--never veers from the refined rules of his world. Cheerfulness and other unsavory emotions are for lesser persons. Anything that smacks of trade is to be shunned. Honor and pride above all else. Consequently, when he discovers his estates are bankrupt, he decides to woo and marry an heiress post-haste. After all, love is for lesser-mortals. But then Fate intervenes and draws him to a vibrant woman who makes him want things he can never have. Can a pompous lord change enough to find redemption? 

In 2015, Jasmine Fleury just wants her happily-ever-after. If only she could stop losing people instead--her grandmother, boyfriends . . . and now her entire family. Worse, she finds herself babysitting a haughty nineteenth century lord who can't even shave himself. What grown man can't shave himself? She has no interest in playing damsel-in-shining-armor to his knight-in-distress. But Fate has other plans . . . . 

This humorous and heart-warming final installment in the Amazon bestselling House of Oak series can easily be read as a stand-alone book.

Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot
by Loralee Evans 
$2.99 ebook / $12.95 Paperback on Amazon  

It’s been months since Felicity’s last adventure, and she thinks danger and peril are behind her for good.  Which is just fine with her!  She’d rather read her books safe at home and hang out with her friends the fairies than go on dangerous quests.  But she didn’t count on one group of folks showing up that cause more trouble than Felicity expected.  A strange, troublesome bunch that the fairies call… people. 

Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot is a fun middle-grade novel that kids and parents will enjoy!

Meet Your Match (audiobook)
by Lindzee Armstrong
$5.95 on Amazon | Audible | iTunes

Sixteen-year-old Brooke Pierce doesn't need her mom to tell her all boys are trouble. After watching her dad break up the family for a woman half his age, dating is the last thing on her mind. On the first day at a new high school, Brooke meets Luke, the school flirt with a reputation for heartbreak. He's interested. She's not. That only makes him chase her more. After a shocking revelation from her dad, Brooke and Luke form an unexpected bond, complete with crazy rules to keep them safely in the friend zone. Problem is, that's the worst place to be when you're falling in love.

Not Your Match
by Lindzee Armstrong
$3.99 on Amazon | Createspace | Barnes and Noble

Andi doesn’t believe in matchmaking. But when her best friend buys her a subscription to Toujour, a professional matchmaking service, she agrees to give it a try. She’s matched with a celebrity client, but he can’t make her heart flutter or her limbs turn to mush the way Ben, her best friend’s brother, can with a simple smile.

When Ben’s fiancée calls off their wedding—for the third time—he flees to Los Angeles, desperate for a new beginning. He moves in across the hall from Andi, his his high school ballroom dance partner and his sister’s best friend. Despite nursing a broken heart, his long-forgotten crush flares to life. He’s just beginning to believe he can move past his breakup, and maybe even ask Andi out, when his ex-fiancée shows up on New Year’s Eve, determined to win him back.Dating the wrong people has convinced both Ben and Andi that what they really want is each other. All that’s standing in their way is a fake boyfriend, a jealous ex-fiancée, and being afraid to risk their hearts.

Playing with Heartstrings 
by Lydia Winters

$3.99 on Amazon | Createspace | Barnes and Noble

When Sienna McBride placed her baby for adoption at eighteen, she never dreamed that two years later she'd find herself falling for someone who resents his birth mother for not keeping him.

A relationship that screams "baggage" is the last thing she has time for, especially with her last-chance Juilliard audition approaching. She can't afford any distractions if she's going to get back into the school she turned down because of her pregnancy. But that's exactly what new convert Aaron is turning out to be-a devastatingly handsome, butterfly-inducing distraction. One that's making her reconsider the importance of attending Juilliard.

The future of their relationship rests on whether Sienna can live a lie or trust Aaron with the truth. If only she felt confident in either decision.

Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Audrey's Story
by Julia Keanini
$3.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo

The first words Audrey McDonald remembers spoken to her? “If only she weren’t so dang pretty.” That sentence was thrown at her in every possible variation, until the last time she heard them. “He wouldn’t have done it if she weren’t so alluring!” They were bitterly spoken by her best friend, Molly, moments after rescuers found Audrey raped, beaten, and left her dead by Molly’s father.

After an attempt on her own life, Audrey’s parents send her to Woodlands to live with her aunt and uncle where they hope she can begin to heal. But Audrey knows she can’t move on with her life looking the way she always has. She gorges on food until she’s almost doubles her normal weight and keeps her usually shiny blonde hair unwashed all while using it as a shield to cover her turquoise green eyes.

Her disguise works, keeping all of the students (even her support group The Sunday Lunchers) and most of the teachers at Woodlands High at bay. Even her aunt and uncle only speak to her when necessary. 

That is until Brent Corban. The dark, mysterious new star of the Woodland’s High football team not only knows who Audrey is, what she’s gone through, and what she’s done to herself in order to cope with life, he was one of the rescuers that found Audrey bloody and halfway to death.

Brent is relentless in his pursuit to help Audrey, but someone as flawless and accomplished as Brent couldn’t ever be what someone as splintered and damaged as Audrey needs.