October and November New Releases

Til You Come Back to Me Again
by J. Adams
$2.99 ebook/ $9.99 paperback
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Angelo De Luca is a man who has it all. As the owner and CEO of one of Orlando's five-star hotels, the twenty-three-year-old bachelor is wealthy and successful, possessing looks, charm, and a heart of gold. He is the perfect boss and a good man.

But there is one thing that Angelo doesn't have–someone to share his life with. When he meets Suzanne Haynes, a new employee at the hotel, he discovers love and is happier than he has ever been.

Then life throws him curves that steer him toward trials so painful, he learns to lean on God more than he ever has before.
And he will definitely need God to get him through what he has yet to face.

A Fearful Thing (A Dalton & Dalton Mystery)
by Kathleen Marks (Ronda Hinrichsen)
$ 2.99 for ebook
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Love and terror in Niagara Falls.

A cursed treasure and another child kidnapping case throw Alexandra from Rick's waiting arms into the clutches of their daughter's murderer.

Loving Lucianna: A Hearts in Autumn Romance
by Joyce DiPastena
$2.99 for ebook
Sir Balduin de Soler gave up long ago on love. He never had the means to support a wife until an unexpected advancement in his fifties allows him to reassess his future just as the lovely Lucianna enters his life.

Lucianna Fabio harbors a secret, painful memory from her past that has kept her unwed, as well. Now in her forties, she thought herself too old to marry until she meets Sir Balduin. Now suddenly their lonely autumn lives feel very much like spring again . . . until Lucianna’s brother appears without warning and threatens to revive the secret that will destroy Lucianna’s second chance at love.
Loving Lucianna is the first in Joyce DiPastena's new “Hearts in Autumn” romance series, medieval romances revolving around heroes and heroines “in the autumn of their years.” Because you’re never too old to fall in love!” 

The Match Maker (The Husband Maker, Book 2)
Karey White
$3.99 for ebook
Available on Amazon and Audible

It’s been six months since Charlotte and Kyle broke up, and the Husband Maker strikes again. Kyle is officially engaged, while Charlotte is still nursing a broken heart. 

In an effort to get Charlotte out of her rut, she and her best friend decide it’s time for some good old-fashioned matchmaking. While Aleena arranges for Charlotte to meet up with a handsome Scottish tourist, Charlotte gets her two best friends together. But when sparks start to fly between Aleena and Angus, Charlotte is left feeling more alone that ever--at least until the charming Scotsman becomes more than just a safe, rebound guy and teaches her that maybe, just maybe, she can dare to open her heart again.

From the Ashes
by Julie Coulter Bellon
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo

As a suspect in Senator DeMarco’s murder, Sophia Naziri worked hard to bring the true killer to justice and prove her innocence. But she pays a high personal price trying to clear her name when she’s held hostage and nearly killed---and Sophia can’t put it behind her just yet. 

Matters get even more complicated when classified information regarding the murder is leaked. Sophia is besieged by the press and trapped even further by the memories that won’t let her move on. In order to escape the situation, Sophia heads to a secluded cabin with Detective Colby Black so they can lay low and figure out who the leak is. But can Sophia find the peace she craves? Or will the circumstances that brought her and Colby together now drive them apart?

by Nichole Van
$3.99 for ebook
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 A nineteenth century lady, Georgiana Knight was whisked to the future and now finds herself a typical Millennial. She watches every episode of Sherlock, takes Facebook quizzes religiously, has an unhealthy obsession with her smart phone, and adores her charming boyfriend, Shatner. But when she receives a two hundred-year-old love letter—written in her own handwriting—her mystery-loving instincts kick into overdrive. Good thing there is a time portal in her cellar. But should she risk giving up hot showers, pajama bottoms and even Shatner to discover the mysterious stranger who inspired (will inspire?) her passionate letter? 

In 1813, Sebastian Carew has his own mystery to solve. As a teenager, he fell madly in love with his childhood friend, Georgiana. Ten years later, he returns from fighting abroad as an eligible man of fortune who must marry. And soon. He is determined to fend off fortune-hunting women, find Georgiana and win her affections. However, she has utterly vanished. Can he divine the truth of her disappearance and convince her to marry him before time runs out?

Best Kind of Love: A Reunion Romance Novella
by Rebecca Talley
$0.99 for ebook
Available on Amazon , B&NiTunesKobo

Brynn Sawyer is a successful project manager in Houston. When her best friend from high school convinces Brynn to attend their ten-year reunion, Brynn hopes she’ll have the chance to reconnect with Troy Richards, the guy who stole her heart back in middle school. 

Craig Dawson, an attorney in San Diego, is in a relationship that’s going nowhere and wonders why he can’t seem to commit. When he sees Brynn at their reunion, he thinks he might finally understand why. The only problem—she’s still infatuated with Troy what’s-his-name.

Will Brynn find the love she seeks with Troy, or will she realize the best kind of love has always been right in front of her? 

Blue Christmas
by Lucy McConnell
$2.99 for ebook
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As head of Snow Valley hospital’s fundraising effort, Paisley Hackett barely has time to organize the craft show, cookie decorating party, and the annual Christmas Ball. What she doesn’t have time for is falling in love with Clay Jett, the incredibly handsome bass player who sweeps into town. She’s been burned by a tourist romance before and, with everything going on, Paisley will have to work overtime to protect her heart from Clay and his swoon-worthy ballads.
Christmas in Snow Valley
by Cindy Roland Anderson, Cami Checketts, Taryn Hart, Lucy McConnell, Kimberley Montpetit, Jeanette Lewis
$4.99 for ebook (Will go on special this weekend for $2.99)
Available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook

Christmas in Snow Valley is packed with six wonderful Christmas novellas sure to bring romance into your holiday season. 

Snow Valley, Montana, is a small community with the tradition of doing Christmas big. Festivities begin with tree lighting in the town square the day after Thanksgiving and continue until the culminating romantic Christmas Ball. From the Polar Express to a Winter Carnival, there's something for every wonder-filled child--and every couple who's in love--or about to be. 
The Other Morgan
by Christine Kersey
$4.99 for ebook
Available on AmazonBarnes & NobleAppleGooglePlay, Kobo  

The Other Morgan (a parallel story) is a follow-up novel to the Parallel Trilogy and is meant to be read after you've read the entire trilogy. This book description contains spoilers for the trilogy. 

Morgan Campbell has always followed the rules--regular weigh-ins, only eating what she's supposed to--all in an effort to guarantee she's never noticed by the Enforcers, the people who make sure all citizens obey the law. So when a boy she's never met before tells her that Enforcers are hunting for her and that she needs to go with him, she doesn't hesitate. To her horror, she discovers that another girl named Morgan--a girl from a parallel world--has spent two months impersonating her and has made enemies in high places. 

When Morgan is taken in by Nick, the leader of a resistance group, she is forced to come to grips with the destruction that has become her life. Not only are Enforcers eager to capture her, but everyone believes she is the one who has suffered at the hands of the Enforcers and then escaped not once, but twice, from the Federally Assisted Thinning centers where the Morgan from the parallel world was locked up. 

Can she get her life back? Or will she find herself paying for the mistakes of the girl who pretended to be her? 

The Other Morgan does not contain any profanity or sexual content. 

by Rachel Ann Nunes
Ebook $7.99/Print $16.95
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Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded

When a rash of elderly deaths occur in Portland, Autumn Rain is called upon to use her ability to read emotions imprinted on physical objects in an attempt to track down the killer. The antiques shop owner and part-time police consultant is more than willing to go undercover to estate sales with detective Shannon Martin. After all, reselling antiques is her business, and spending time with the man she might be falling for is a plus.

But a chilling repeat imprint and a fiery near-death has Autumn rethinking everything she’s learned about her ability and what it has made her become.

Mobster Nicholas Russo is also back in town to claim the favor Autumn owes him. If she doesn’t pay, her life and those of her family will be at risk, but helping Russo might mean the deaths of other innocent people. Autumn has no choice but to find out for herself what’s really at stake before she gives him anything.

And then things really get crazy.

The Real Thing
by Taylor Hart
$2.99 for ebook
Available on Amazon

Alexa Fulbright doesn’t expect the man she’s been trying to forget for the past 7 years to show up on assignment from the FBI…and she really doesn’t expect him to kiss her. 

Sam Dubois doesn’t want to be on this assignment, even though he requested it. He doesn’t want to see Alexa and he definitely doesn’t want to put away the thug she calls her boyfriend…but most things in life aren’t fair when it comes to her.

After Sam shows Alexa proof that her boyfriend is a drug dealer with connections to the Columbian cartel, she refuses to believe it. Until a gun is pointed at her head and ‘said boyfriend’ puts a bullet in Sam’s shoulder.

Now Sam has to get her out of dodge and Alexa has to make a choice—face the past or live a lie that could destroy her and everyone she’s ever loved. 

Healing a Broken Harp: the Love Notes series, Book 3
by Raine Gillespie (Karen E. Hoover)
$2.99 for e-book
Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Camille Clark spends her time bringing light to the memorable moments of Dolce—playing her harp at weddings, anniversaries, and even funerals. She can’t help but wonder if someone will ever play for her. Will the dark secrets of her past come to Dolce and ruin her future? Or will she find her soul mate and finally walk down that aisle?

A Tale of Tails
by Stacy Lynn Carroll
$1.99 for ebook/$8.50 for paperback
Available on Amazon

A brilliant retelling of the old folktale about why dogs sniff each other's tails. Join Scruffy-Duffins, the wise and gentle king of the dogs on this beautifully illustrated adventure.